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Our own self-styled postmodern age has seen no end to this debate, which now receives a major and wide-ranging intervention from the theorist and critic Anthony J. Indeed, Raymond Williams contends that the essence of modern expansionist capitalism is the fast flow of information and commodities across frontiers. Dube's exploration of modernity, through a scrupulous attention to its temporal-spatial imperatives, poses a challenge at both the empirical and conceptual level to the exemplary status of the West. Modernity is the regime of increasingly powerful language production, the period during which text and, more generally, notational representations of the world have become dominant.

He shows how even progressive and well-meaning scholars conflate heterogeneous complexities, thereby imbuing this all-encompassing conceptual structure with seemingly ineluctable reality. The seventeenth-century absolutist State is a creation of and a boon to this growing system of exchanges.

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Writing, mobility, and homogenization are important components of the conception of wealth that was becoming dominant in the seventeenth century. The book questions routine portrayals of homogeneous time and antinomian blueprints of cultural space, while acknowledging the production of time and space by social subjects. They try to live in a world defined by knowledge or power which they can regard as their property and which will permit them to control others. Standardized monetary wealth is of increasing importance in this time of more centralized printing, stamping, and coining.

It has its academic credentials - and he is happy to invite readers to skip and scan, reading the book as six essays rather than as a monograph. But Dube has obviously penned a manifesto. At a time when the tenets of modernity are increasingly being called into question, he offers us a meditation of unusual insight and critical value. The Subject of Modernity Larry W. The book is disguised as a thesis.

His provocations offer a challenging break with frameworks that for too long have carried colonialism's intellectual heritage forward even after its political demise. Dom Juan also illuminates the advent of a comprehensively competitive society wherein minimally differentiated individuals battle for the exchangeable wealth that defines status.

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But at heart, this book is a call for action. Theory for a Global Age Description This book thinks through modernity and its representations by exploring critical considerations of time and space. De Certeau speaks of the modern State's will to inscribe the central discourse on the mind and geography of the nation. You are not currently authenticated.