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This has a chilling effect. From our point of view, workers are at the center, but there is also involvement from union staff, management, family, community members and other stakeholders. Focus on Resistance The change formula is elegant in its simplicity. On the right hand side of the chart are all the restraining forces that create the current state of an unorganized, non-union workplace. This is the nature of self-regulating systems seeking quasi-stationary equilibrium.

The art of creating and leading fundamental change in organizations. One sees movement by first unfreezing a system. Without this, organizational inertia will dominate, and no change will occur. It is a natural reaction from self-regulating systems seeking to maintain stability.

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These may be physical, emotional, or cognitive and many more. More meetings occur, leading to an increased awareness of contract language and job security issues. The group is stuck again in a quasi-static equilibrium. There is often too much emphasis on this one side of a two-sided equation. An organizer has a good one-on-one conversation with a worker.

He spent many years organizing with Cesar Chavez and the farmworkers. If we integrate the change formula with force field theory, we see that driving forces match up with the D, V, and F of the change formula. For now, an example might be useful.

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Bard Press Schlossberg, S. It is a mutual and interdependent connection, with the potential for compression and tension at any time.