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World To dream that it is the end of the world suggests that you are under a tremendous level of stress. To hear a wolf howling in your dream represents a cry for help from somebody in your waking life.

Or the dream is telling you that you need to go out into the larger world and experience life. Wise To dream that you are wise represents your potential and ability to succeed and be successful.

You are experiencing much stress in some waking situation. Also consider the emotion depicted on the face. Wine Glass To see a wine glass in your dream represents happiness. To see a black wolf in your dream represents your shadow. The verb to man can also often be replaced by to staff, to operate and related words.

Wine Cellar To dreamYou also want to

There is a situation that you are seeking clarification. You may be reflecting on a decision. Witness To witness to something in your dream represents your need to be more observant. You are also a loner by choice. It may also suggest that something or someone is manipulating you and your surroundings.

You also want to remain ambiguous. Wine Cellar To dream that you are in a wine cellar represents all of your past experiences - both positive and negative.

You need to be more decisive and assertive. To dream that you are washing windows suggest that you need clarity in some matter. To dream that you are lost in the woods indicates that you are starting a new phase in your life. Wooden Leg To dream that you have a stick leg or a wooden leg suggests that balance has been restored in your once chaotic or hectic life. Consider what you are wrapping and the color or pattern of the wrapping paper.