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The Worlds We Think We Know by Dalia Rosenfeld download in iPad, ePub, pdf

But overall, I'm disappointed that I didn't connect more to her writing style. For example, in the title story, the narrator takes care of an elderly Holocaust survivor named Lotzi at a retirement home in Jerusalem and falls in love with his son.

In order to operate comfortably on a day-to-day basis, people must rely on apparent truths of the sensory world when interacting with people and places. In other words, keeping a short distance from the main characters forces them to talk about important aspects of their identities on their own terms.

Such scenes set a somber

Enough stories feature classical piano playing and allusions to Yiddish authors to make me think that she has a special proficiency for these topics. Rosenfeld writes about subtle yet powerful interactions between people, events that are small to outsiders but hold all the weight in the world to the people who experience them.

Such scenes set a somber tone throughout many of the stories, but perhaps more importantly reveal how lost or distant one can feel from their own culture. His thoughts meld into unresolved issues with a recent ex.

Perhaps that's the point, but it was underwhelming. Generally, this is my favorite kind of short story to read. It is only then she begins to understand who is living next door. Moved too quickly from piano instructors to Holocaust neighbors, couldn't get a sense of the character's drives.

His thoughts meld into unresolved issues