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The least that can be done for those who sacrificed so much is to keep them alive in our memories. However, as depicted in the opening scenes, he is arrested instead. All of them worked in the hacienda, like Rovena. The following day, the protesters filled the streets, surrounded by armed soldiers, policemen and paramilitary forces deployed to disperse the crowd.

Taken to Foundation Hospital

Lauding Graham's bravery, the ship's captain recommends him for two Purple Hearts. Taken to Foundation Hospital, she bled to death. Gunfire erupted at past noon. Meanwhile, his sister receives an anonymous phone call telling her that Graham is in the brig.

Gunfire at noon Shooting started around noon. After pleading with the Provost Marshal gets her nowhere, she goes to the newspaper, which finally gets her brother released.

The monument depicts a defiant mother raising up a fallen son. Graham's ship enters port in New York City for repairs, but when Graham learns that his grandmother has died, he asks to go to Texas to attend her funeral. To forget is to live in a darker world. Data on computers can be stolen or lost, but some truths are so precious they must be safeguarded in the hearts and minds. No maintenance of government vehicles The rest were killed, massacred and tortured.

Rovena was the second offspring in a brood of five. She was killed by the first shot that rang out during the protest. One of Graham's shipmates is killed, and several others, including Graham, are wounded. As the economic gap between the rich and the poor widened, Negros became ripe for a social explosion. He then learns that he's in prison for desertion and, as a result, is unable to get any messages out.

She was among those wounded when shooting erupted. They were also hacienda workers, except Juvelyn, who was a community organizer. Graham unsuccessfully tries to get himself released from prison by saying he is underage, but nobody believes him. Rovena, a helper in the home of the owners of Hacienda Rick, was with friends and family during the protest demonstration. The three-day strike started on Sept.

He tells Graham to go to the recruiting office in Texas and turn himself in when the pass expires. The Bantayog complex now includes an auditorium, a library, archives and a museum. First shot Juvelyn was leading the chanting when the massacre began. After his orders are reviewed, he is arrested without explanation and taken to the brig. Graham reports as directed, expecting his story about being underage to be verified so he can be released.

Lauding Graham's bravery the ship's captain