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Poles are also carved

Breach of the taboo carries with it sickness or death. The totem god is, according to this theory, a projection of the clan, and devotion to the totem is devotion to the clan.

Of the various totemic groups, the crane totem was considered the most vocal. These totems and symbols of them were worshiped and protected. Persons with the same individual totem prefer to be united in communities. The consequences for such misappropriations are dire, and the Birhor believe that the subsistence of their people will be placed in jeopardy if transgressions against the totem occur.

In this tradition, sorcery may also be practiced by the medicine man. Poles are also carved to illustrate stories, to commemorate historic persons, to represent shamanic powers, and to provide objects of public ridicule. This critique created an attitude of skepticism concerning totemism in the span of human religious development.

In this tradition sorcery may

But he was opposed to the idea of seeing totems as the basis of religion. Because of this immense totemic importance, numerous species of fish are classified as taboo for killing or eating. In one of these, the elder sits while gazing in the direction of the ancestral hill. This was a mistake because the poles just tell stories about the clan they belong to.