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So many frequent flier

Advertisement As the self-declared spokesman for hardcore baseball fandom, I was embarrassed. Here's one of your two days off.

Get out there and get it done. So many frequent flier miles.

Get out there and get it

Some stadiums, like Coors Field in Denver and Safeco Field in Seattle, are at best a plus-hour drive from the next or previous major league city. Fully rested, it's time to head out West to finish this out. Second, I was happy the game was over. If you've managed to establish your timeline and plan your route, the only thing left to do is to get to each stadium and buy a ticket. We look at Spring Training and we know the season is coming.

The Rangers are getting a new stadium sooner than you think, so you better go see this one before this relatively new stadium gets torn down already. See, told you it was strange.