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These derived values for each caseBrainstorm threats or issues that

For international relations, the first factor could be participation in international relations, and a second factor might reflect a polarization between cooperation and conflict. The interpretations of the findings within the research and lay community may be as much a result of the tag itself as of what the tag denotes. Another way of saying this is that the first factor lies along the center of gravity of all the points representing the variables.

Although symbolic tags are precise and help avoid confusion, they also create problems in communicating research findings and comparing studies. This is a relatively easy book, though some of the exercises are really good. By squaring them and multiplying by to get an idea of the approximate percent of variation involved, the reader will have a conceptual anchor for understanding the configuration of loadings. If that isn't you, then go for this one.

If phenomena can be described equally well using simpler factors, then the principle of parsimony is that we should do so. The same list of core topics are treated here in roughly the usual order that they appear in most introductory modern treatments. Add or subtract a variable from the study and the results are altered. This helps you shape what you're doing, so that you work with change, rather than against it. To determine the score for a case on a pattern, then, the case's data on each variable is multiplied by the pattern weight for that variable.

Brainstorm threats or issues that could be caused by them. These derived values for each case are called factor scores. The reason for the differences will be discussed below. The factor score matrix gives a score for each case such as a nation on these patterns.