Vauxhall Signum Workshop Manual

This can lead to a slight delay w hen starting. Push down bulb at bulb hold er. Rotate and press multi-function knob. Page Climate control z Turn the temp erature rotary knob clockwise as far as it w ill go warm. If no gear is engaged, the transmission automatically shifts into neutral p osition N before starting the engine.

It illuminates w ith the doors open. Get the same level of information about your vehicle that your official dealer has. On z Date, setting year, z Ignition logic, z Language selection, z Setting units of measure.

Use recessed grip to p ull foldawa y table S wivel a rm rest down. Rotate bulb holder to left and ta king care not to pull on the cable. Page Climate c ontrol The air conditioning will operate for a limited period of tim e.

The filter is cleaned by burning the trapped soot particles at a high temperature. Starting Self-help, vehicle care Starting Do not sta rt wit h quick charger This prevents d amage to electronic components. To set to z ero, hold reset knob down for app rox. Page Tec hnic al data Capacities approx.

During operation the system is pressurised. Warnin g O verload If the wind ow s are rep eatedly operated at Caution when opera ting the sunroof. Setting with the left rotary k nob.

Page In struments, controls For physical reasons, the engine temperature gauge show s the coolant temperature only if the coolant level is adeq uate. When the sunroof is opened, the sunshade is also op ened. Self-help, Vehicle Care Self-help, vehicle care Self-help, vehicle care Warning Disregard of these notes can lead to injuries whic h may be fatal. Get the same level of information about your Audi vehicle that your official dealer has.

When the rotary switch is in position e, the sunroof is fully raised. Due to the large am ount of effort required, mounting.

Vauxhall VECTRA Owner s Manual

Vehicle Identification Data Technical data In other model variants, the id entifica tion Coolant, brake flu id, oils plate may also be affix ed to the instrument O nly use app rov ed fluids. Comfort sett ing Ma xim um cooling z Set cooling n as desired. Brake System Drivin g and operatio n Brake system Footbrak e The footbrake comprises two independ ent The effectiveness of the brakes is a n brak e circuits. After this time, the sealing Warning Warnin g prop erties can no longer be gua ra nteed. Get the same level of information about your Audi Cabriolet vehicle that your official dealer has.

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Warning Dama ge m ay lead to ty re blow-out. Excessive tractive force c an damage the vehicle. Towing Self-help, vehicle care Drive slowly. Screw the com pressor air hose to the the spare wheel well of the luggage and a ir hose from the stow age connection on the sealant bottle. Page Instru men ts, c ontrols O dometer Records the miles k ilometres counted.

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Page In struments, controls C ool ant level C ontrol indicator illuminates yellow. Drink Holders Seats, interior Su nvisors Use the sunvisor to protect from glare b y pulling it d ow n and swivelling it to the side.

Close stow age compa rtm ent. Electrical System Self-help, vehicle care Im portant The sealant can only be stored for approx.

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Automobile Vauxhall Vivaro Owner's Manual pages. We recommend your Vauxhall Authorised Automatic transm ission park Repairer. We recommend that you entrust this w ork to y our Vauxhall Authorised Repa irer, i 2014 songs who has proper equipment and tra ined personnel av ailable. Do not place immediately by a workshop. Front fog ligh ts Have bulbs changed by a workshop.

Page In struments, controls Board In formation Display Av era ge consum ption trip computer Average consumption display. Page Self-help, vehicle care We recommend c arry ing a complete set of Before replacing a fuse, turn off the O nly install fuses of the specified rating. Fit the turn crank to raise v ehicle. Parking heater Climate Warning Air distribut.

Do not use the system if there are people in the vehicle. Shortly after starting each journey the effectiveness of the b ra ke system should be tested at low speed and without inconv eniencing other tra ffic, especia lly if the b ra kes are wet, e. Polishing is necessa ry only if the paint has Repair minor paintwork da mage such as become dull or if solid deposits have stone chips, scratches etc. Warning Disregard of these instructions m ay lead to injuries or endanger life. Page Self-help, vehicle care Clean edges and folds on opened doors Pol ishi ng Paintw ork d amag e and flaps as well as the areas they cover.

Page Driving and o peration The selector lever can only be mov ed out of position P or N w ith the ig nition switched on and the footbrake depressed selector lever lock. In fan rota ry knob provides max imum cooling down to the set position A, the fan automatically value. If cooling or dehum id ification is not desired, switch off cooling in order to sa ve fuel. If y ou ha ve winter tyres or a ftermarket restrictions. Dipped bea m is on when the engine is running.

Vauxhall VECTRA Owner s Manual

We hand wa rning z one or control indic ator W therefore rec om mend that you use only illuminates, check the coolant level high performa nce app roved b ra ke fluid. The vehicle can continue to be driven. Page Self-help, vehicle care When loading v ehicle, always ensure that warning triangle and first-aid cushion or first-aid kit are accessible. Page Climate control The switched -on a ir recirculation sy stem red uces air repla cement.

If the belt tensioners are triggered, they must be replaced by a workshop. With this solution you can carry the manual in your pocket and save a lot of hard drive space on your computer. Chec k wheels for dam age. Page Drivin g and operatio n Check tyres regularly for dama ge p enetrated foreign bodies, punctures, cuts, c ra cks, bulges in side walls. The humidity increases and the windows may mist up.