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For the new size of the device and the features it has, it's well worth the extra money. It's easy on the wallet, a snap to carry, and gets the job done. Please double check that you've entered it correctly, or create an account here.

The password is incorrect, please try again. This standard shoe is suitable for the majority of camera attachments. Its audio performance is astonishing and is recommended to use instead of a built-in mic. View our VideoMic Pro video playlist. It's a mono microphone and is surprisingly good at picking up the spoken voice with good clarity, even in a noisy room.

VideoMix for Android - Download

VideoMix for Android - Download

Initially I used a pair of speakers and then headphones. Please use our technical support page to find your nearest distributor.

It has taken what was good about the VideoMic and improved it in all areas. If you see a price that looks too good to be true, it probably is! Stereo VideoMic Pro Rycote. It doesn't feature stereo, but the mono is put on both channels, so there's no downside to that. If you have a question or a support enquiry about the VideoMic Pro head over to our contact page to get in touch or locate your local distributor here.

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Not any more, I am now using something that's even better. Easily accessible on the rear face of the microphone are the power, filter and level controls. Of course, I'm encouraging them to get one of their own. Broadcast-grade stereo on-camera microphone. The super-cardioid directional abilities of the shotgun mic amplify cleaner audio from the source while reducing ambient noise.

Have to say I'm liking the mic a lot already. The sleek and compact shock mount doesn't get in the way of performance, nor does it dominate the top of the camera.

Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center. Below these controls are the level settings, which attenuate or boost the recorded level as required. It sounds very clean and has many options filters, etc to adjust it to exactly your needs.

Watch movies and TV shows online from your Android

Watch movies and TV shows online from your Android

The Sennheiser equivalent has these controls on its side where they are easily missed. Rode seems to have been listening and recently launched the much smaller VideoMic Pro. The chosen cable is incredibly strong and is rated to several thousand flex cycles, ensuring that the cable lasts a long, long time.

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The recording was perfect! The sound is a gigantic improvement over the onboard mic. This allows for far lower noise transference when compared to the older style cable used in many video microphones currently on the market. District Camera and Imaging.

The size of the mic was nice and compact. If you use a slightly lower power battery, the mic will work but may not meet our published specifcation. If your camera has a different, or custom adaptor, netbeans 7.1 for windows 7 64 bit please contact your camera manufacturer for information on converters to fit the universal shoe connection. VideoMic Pro Specifications.

It's much less conspicuous, and much less bulky. It's a great price for an excellent mic. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it here.

It is increased so much that the noise floor in the camera microphone amplifier becomes audible. Products Microphones VideoMic Pro. It performed very well shooting on street corners and in noisy situations. We don't have any record of that email address. Directional Condenser Microphone with Inbuilt Battery.

Comes with a few extra rubber bands in case they break. Ambient sound is nicely controlled with the High Pass Filter switch, and the clever shock mounting helps to minimise sound from movement and handling the camera. Overall no camera rig would be complete without it. This is a great sounding mic, offering good, clean audio, straight from the camera.

Download videomix free (android)

Absolutely fantastic product and couldn't be happier with it! It was worth the extra money. The shock mount does, however, do a great job of protecting the microphone from vibration that can cause audio blips, such as when the tripod is bumped accidentally. The rubber shock bands are available to order as a pack through your local distributor.

Download videomix free (android)

You guys hit a home run with this model and I get a lot of people asking questions about it when I'm shooting. This makes voices clear but natural. Never used a video mic before.

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Beware of counterfeit goods. However, this is extra equipment and expense, and demands a lot of extra time and expertise when editing. Please ensure you enter all the requested details.

Or buy a VideoMic Pro from one of our recommended online retailers in United states. Don't let people tell you that you can't get great in-camera audio without breaking the bank. Straight out of the box this microphone is easy to use, with no confusing parts or complicated assembly. The shock mount is perfect too.

However in situations where I need to travel compact or when shooting in news type situations, I did wish the VideoMic was smaller. If you're getting into serious video making then you're going to have to record good audio. We recommend an Alkaline or Lithium battery for the best possible battery life. There will always be times when the budget doesn't run to a sound recordist and radio mics aren't practical.