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Angel and Cordelia agree that they are embarrassed about what happened between them while they were possessed. The ballet continues on stage as the gang gathers backstage. Wesley dresses Gunn's injury and watches on in emotional agony as Fred and Gunn exchange loving looks.

The ballet continues on stage as

Not surprisingly, ten years after publication this novel has lost nothing of its literary power, emotional strength and thematic relevance. It is a despicable and hopeless place, where mistreatment and torture are the rule, where release, if at all, is arbitrary and often not more than a distant hope. Madame Godwill's restaurant, a sort of greasy spoon, attracts and feeds the locals, students, ex-veterans, abandoned women and other marginalized people. When the jailer finds the poems and journal entries he has written and hidden, he persuades Lomba to write some love poems for the better-educated woman he is courting. The Count directs his demon minions to deal with those sneaking around backstage.

During intermission, Angel tells his friends about his revelation. Angel tells her to break the magic holding her prisoner, she has to change the dance. Habila's novel is a powerful defense of the freedom of the press and a celebration of the lives of those courageous writers who have refused to be silenced, even when faced with death. The events that landed Lomba in prison will come into view as the stories unfold.

In one of the most telling episodes in the novel, Lomba goes to a party and meets the writers and poets of Lagos. Soon they find themselves possessed by spirits in love and are unable to keep their hands off each other, until Cordelia accidentally burns Angel with the cross. Without doubt did the Caine Prize and this debut novel launch Habila's international writing career.

Both come to their senses and leave the dressing room before things go too far. Wesley explains that the Count was a wizard who discovered the prima ballerina whom he adored had a lover. Worried, Fred encourages the guys to help her look for the missing Angel and Cordelia. With daydreaming and writing a diary on any scrap of paper and pencil he can find Lomba struggles to keep sane.

Angel and Cordelia agree

Compliments are directed to everyone as their attire is revealed at the hotel, and they depart together. As Fred tends to a wound Gunn received in the battle with the Count's minions, he jokes about his injury, and Fred gets emotional because she thought he was seriously hurt.