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Israel can usually defeat Syria, but it is a rather well-balanced match-up that can go either way. If the diplomatic relationship with a country is bad enough, and there are Israeli troops deployed on the border, Israel can invade, or be invaded. In almost every game, Iraq will end up at war with Iran.

All of these forms of warfare were used by primitive societies, a finding supported by other researchers. Use various tactical techniques during the battle to defeat the enemy. Adding protection and placing the buildings in such a way that your opponent won't be able to break your defence is an essential strategy to survive the fight. Iran, Iraq, and Libya can also carry nuclear arms and are capable of ending the game with them, with the exception of Libya - which often does not get a chance to use them during war with Egypt. Against Iran, the same situation happens leading to multiple turns of war, usually ending in an Iranian victory unless Iraq orders a nuclear attack.

Civilian and industrial strikes are done particularly to reduce diplomatic relationships. These strikes can be performed on military, civilian, industrial, or nuclear targets.

Collect defense cards for impregnable defenseUse strategic thinking

Use strategic thinking to build and develop your military base. Collect defense cards for impregnable defense. When a war occurs, certain unit types attack certain other unit types in the opposing army. An Iraqi war with Jordan is usually over in less than a turn, with Iraq conquering Jordan unless Iraq is preoccupied with another war with Iran or Syria. Egypt also has the largest army in the game and in a one-on-one war, it will generally defeat Israel badly.

Bordered only by Egypt, Libya almost always declares war on Egypt in the game and vice versa. While the country does not share a border with Israel, it is bordered by Jordan, Syria, and Iran.