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Perturabo never trusted the Olympians and, although Dammekos took time and trouble to win the trust and affection of the boy, Perturabo never responded to his foster father with any warmth. So the Legion subtly began at last to change, just as its formerly great strength in numbers was bled through attrition and brother-Legions outpaced it in glory. Now their shrivelled and time-ravaged forms were encased in mechanised war machines controlled by cybernetic implants. It was not enough for Perturabo that they were merely superior, their fault lay in that among the Legions they were not already supreme.

So the Legion subtly began at

Its first muster grounds are noted to have been founded atop the wreckage of a recidivist fortress on the Auro Plateau of Sek-Amrak. As the Legion's victories, often unsung, were many, so was their price high.

The Primarch himself struck the ranks of the Black Judges like a thunderbolt, throwing them into disarray. Many saw him as a cold youth, dark and melancholy, but with a mind as sharp as a razor. Taking his newly constituted Expeditionary Fleet, Perturabo drove straight for the heart of the cluster and the hostile power he knew resided there.

Perturabo never trusted

Perturabo, bitter but iron in his word, complied. Isolating and blindsiding the Black Judges, the Havocs advanced implacably and ended their baleful rule, pronouncing sentence of their own with crossfire storms of Autocannon shells and plasma bolts. Once faultlessly loyal, they did not bend but seemed to outsiders instead to suddenly and inexplicably shatter in their allegiance. The orbital assault on the Rock of Judgement was a direct and brutal affair.

All such criticism the Emperor silenced. They also undertook the garrisoning of worlds too dangerous for any but the Legiones Astartes to hold. Small units of Iron Warriors were garrisoned in these new fortifications, sometimes in ridiculously small numbers. The poison that had long festered within the Legion's soul had at last borne its bitter fruit and in the dark years that followed, billions would suffer for it.