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But Apple doesn't pay Siri to do arithmetic. Or, appropriate dating ages perhaps we should be the ones to help Siri out. The first thing that we can deduce is that Siri is obviously not a fan of The Killers.

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Your soulmate is Cinderella!

You're helpful and you're always there for us. She needs someone to evaluate her delicate, electronic psyche, and to give her some advice, so that she can let go of all of her deep-rooted bitterness. If you really wanted to help us out, Siri, how about not criticizing our study habits or lack thereof? This is evidenced by the fact that Siri not only neglected to commit to a yes or no answer, but also by the fact that she gave a reason as to why she refused to give a yes or no answer.

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But, could you maybe not read our text message history and then make snide remarks implying that we're dumb? It's time for us to return the favor. After all, she's always been there for us. Siri is the master of the comebacks. Your studying has gotten to the point where it's so hopeless that you turn to Siri for help.

After all, just check out this hilarious conversation with Siri. But she will be damned if she's going to do your math homework for you. And instead of giving you some substantial advice, she just mocks you. But, we can safely say that it would be hella funny. We know this because if she was, she would have heard their hit song, Human.

On the surface, this seems like a snarky, overly-literal response from Siri. Instead, we're going to get straight to Siri's sassy response.

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Regardless, this is a sick burn. Because that's what it feels like! Because, clearly, she has some issues that she needs to discuss. They would be in a lot of hot water. That way, we won't have to resort to passing incognito notes during exams, because we will actually know the information.

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This has to seem pretty bleak from the student's standpoint. We know that deep down, you're hurting. Are you clipping coupons and taking a drag on a cigarette from your third pack today between hurling insults at us? She's got to be relatively underhanded about the way she swears at you. This text conversation suggests that while she is not completely human, she is close enough.

You're supposed to be helpful, Siri, not hateful!

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There would be lawsuits and protests. Siri does a whole lot for us. It's only a matter of time before Siri takes on every role of our mother's, and starts criticizing our dates, and our jobs, and our clothes, and all of our other life choices. Some would say that Barbie dolls are close enough to humans, so maybe that's what Siri is.

That's why, during this hilarious conversation, Siri decided to take the high road and not commit to liking or disliking the pop icon. We'll let you slide on this sassy response, Siri. Get your priorities straight, girl. Scathingly sarcastic conversations like this one prove that Siri is quite unhappy.

It's all dolled up so you can't call it an unmitigated attack, but it still conveys exactly how Siri feels about you. So, when you're ready to talk, we'll be here. You do know that your iPhone has a calculator built in, right? Who are you, our disappointed mother?

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