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Jane goes back to her hotel

Leonard is angry at first, throwing a glass at the wall, but soon asks Jane to do what she needs to do. Jane tells Leonard that they need to talk but he insists that he needs to go to work.

Jane and Leonard have a strained marriage, with Leonard, in Jane's belief, not being a supportive or caring husband. However Jane soon pulls away and questions Caleb's motives before leaving and telling him not to follow her. The two walk together and Caleb confesses to Jane that he couldn't sleep after meeting her and actually planned to bump into her so he could see her again. As she is saying this, Caleb suddenly arrives at the restaurant and sits with the couple at Jane's invitation. Jane is writing a sort of memoir about her grandmother's experiences in the world wars while her husband is at work.

That night, when Leonard arrives home they fight and Jane confesses her affair to him. Leonard smiles but also points out that she is on the wrong side of the tracks and needs to cross over so they can leave together. The two share a day of walking, dancing and swimming around the island before the two have sex in his home. Jane smiles back with a hint of sadness and a train comes and blocks Leonard's view of Jane.

The film had a successful festival run in black and white but Coiro ultimately decided to release the movie in colour so as not to limit her potential audience. Jane goes home to have a shower but writes down Caleb's address in her notebook so she doesn't lose it when it washes off.

The two share a passionate kiss

Jane goes back to her hotel room and husband the following morning where he scolds her for allowing him to worry about her, especially when she claims she was just walking all night. The two share a passionate kiss.