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Why We Don't Suck by Denis Leary download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Partisans on both sides of the aisle will find plenty not to like. If you maybe aren't offended super easily, check it out. An easy enjoyable read for a change of pace. It was actually less political than I expected, but I really enjoyed it for what it was.

Enough to prompt my wife, to put some dimension on it, who was downstairs at the time, to wonder what was going on. But I saw this one on Audible and thought it might be slightly more relevant, so I grabbed it. There is a lot of cussing.

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But I thought some of the examples of the ways that we don't suck were surprising, especially from him - someone that I kinda imagine as a super jaded and cynical person. With a side order of really stupid haircuts. Your leadership is there for the taking. Which may sound bad but means we still make the playoffs.

Life is always a slippery slope and that is no argument not to do things that make so much obvious sense.

The celebrity memoir part I found especially humorous. He also can maybe help us laugh at it for a change, where we might not have been so able to prior. And that short hiatus may just give you the energy to get up and do something. Leary is definitely an equal opportunity critic.

Cocaine and quaaludes mostly. You are sure to get a moment of respite from it, however. And he certainly made me laugh. He shares funny anecdotes and at one point I almost snorted coffee out of my nose when he asked Justin Timberlake for thong advice. The world is depressing these days, so it was nice to hear about some people selflessly doing good and using their time, platform, money, or influence to benefit others.

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If you are, maybe still check it out. It was funny, relevant, spot on in a lot of criticisms of both Democrats and Republicans and people in general, and showed Leary's acerbic wit and sense of humor.