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Far from being

Wilson saw this as a gradual process, not something that one society could bequeath to another. These groups, culminating in the Bush administration, made the facile assumption that just because a people wanted democracy, rights, or freedom meant that they were ready for it. This entity would be further united by free trade within the zone of democracies, which would have a palliative effect on conflict and encourage competition.

He never envisioned

This is a well-researched, historically accurate, mostly fair examination in a pivotal figure in American history and his legacy. Wilson's concept was primarily defensive and would only slowly rewrite the rules of global politics. The zone of democracies would follow a set of established rules and come to each other's aid against aggressors and tryannies. He was a firm internationalist but not a crusader.

Wilson believed that a people could no more adopt a government than an individual can simply adopt a character. People may want the perks of democracy, but whether the preconditions exist for it to take root is another condition. An outstanding study of the Wilsonian tradition and its perversions. All proponents of these ideas should read this book.

Far from being an airy idealist, Smith shows that Wilson was actually fairly hard-nosed about the idea of spreading democracy. He never envisioned spreading democracy with force, but rather by example and the occasional, steady expansion of the zone of peace to willing, capable new democracies. At home, each democracy would rest on a platform of social justice and the regulation of capitalism, which Wilson believed needed to be harnessed in order for democracy to survive. He has the kind of liberalism I personally endorse.